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Vaginal Blood Fart
The supply teacher should not have worn white as she was prone to explosive VBFs.
by Bob Boston May 01, 2003
'Vaginal Blood Fart'
A fanny fart occurring during menstruation.
"He was surfing my crimson wave, when I VBF'd in his face"
by snotsex November 28, 2003
Very busy fucking
"Hey, have you seen Aaron?"
" I saw him come in with a cute blonde. I'm sure they're VBF."
by Sassy G. January 20, 2016
Vaginal Blood Fart
that chick is as thick as a VBF
by purefilth August 21, 2009
virtual Boyfriend
i chat a lot with steve! he is my VBF!
by nmbd June 10, 2009
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