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A language created by Microsoft, but not proprietary like Java, that runs on many systems including Linux and Mac via Mono, and the Xbox 360, that has a beautiful object-oriented syntax. Code can usually be converted between VB.NET and its brother C# easily. Silverlight, WPF, and WIndows Forms all support VB.NET, as well as XNA.
Hater: I want to program in a language that can run on any system.
Me: Linux (+Android), Mac OS X, iPhone, Solaris, BSD, Windows, Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox not enough for you? VB.NET ROX!!!
by frogcrush September 03, 2012
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This originated from the fact that some people cannot let go of the basic idea that BASIC is a dead language. Some 45 year olds think they can coexist with neolanguages, but they suck.
I use VB.NET because I want to be cool, but I'm not.
by phool February 08, 2005
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