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An obsessive fan of Volkswagen Audi Group cars who can remember all the part numbers for his Golf GTi MK2 off the top of his head.
Don't make fun of his sheddy Golf, he's a VAG Ninja!
by crank_case February 15, 2008
An invention by the Japanese during World War II. They were used to rape American and British women left at home by their boyfriends and husbands. None were ever caught because they would commit suicide if found, but most others were stealthy and got in and out in 2 minutes tops. Knew such moves as the "Ninja Star," "Way of the Warrior," and "Crotch in Tiger, Hide My Dragon." They are the exact opposite of Vag Pirates who were only in it for the booty.
Boy 1: Dude, I was doing Jen, and i came really fast... like 30 seconds.
Boy 2: Well, you are Japanese, you may be a Vag ninja.
Boy 1: Really? I wasn't trained or anything.
Boy 2: As long as it's in your blood, you're a Vag ninja.

Boy 1: Well, I did hear my parents have sex and they were done in 10 seconds...
Boy 2: That sucks. Small penis and you finish early...
by Ding Dong Bing Bong August 11, 2009