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(Violent By Choice) A Hardcore Crew formed in New Jersey in the early 90's by Members of the band Gutwrench, Keith Rooney and John Egan. The crew has had many ups and downs over the years but is still somewhat intact. Still most notably represented in the music scene by Tommy Hardcore, Member of the groups Hoodbully and Full Metal Jacket. The crew is mostly operating underground and in NJ jails and Prisons.
"Violent by Choice" was the title of a Gutwrench song. The Biohazard song "My Life My Way" was written about founding V.B.C. member John Egan (R.I.P.).
by Tommy Hardcore August 29, 2011
VISABLE BUM CRACK!- the fashion of plumbers
Person: *walks in* Ew, VBC!

Plumber: *yanks up pants* Sorry
by EMSTA September 19, 2006
Virginia Beach City. Throw it up fo tha 757!
I'm from the east side of the VBC
by Z Dizzl May 26, 2005
Vaginal Blood Chunk

One of those things that breaks loose while earning your red wings.
Denny:"Look at Scott's pants! I thought that stripper was sporting a string!"

Brandon:"Yeah, she sure left him with a VBC"
by JerseyDevil March 11, 2008
Vagina Butt Cock- a creature that consists only of a vagina, a butt and a cock.
Woah Sarah, what is that thing over there? It has a vagina, a butt.. AND a cock!! I think it's a VBC!
by hottubdays February 04, 2010
An acronym for "Violent Bob Clan," the most violent organization in existence!
Run away, for one of the dreaded VBC members is coming this way!
by Axemaster The Fierce January 22, 2004
Very be Careful, band from los angeles.
I saw the VBC show the other night
by barcader1 December 02, 2003
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