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The "Virgin Squad"; membership is restricted to virgins only, and is automatically revoked the first time someone has sex. Like any team, there are "Captains" (see super-virgin) and disciplinary measures for members who misbehave (ie probation).
César: Did you hear, Caitlin got kicked off the V-squad last night?
Jaime: What??? She goes from being a Captain to getting kicked off the team in less that a week, and here I've been on probation for months! What gives?
by sushichick June 18, 2005
A group of girls who are still virgins
A typical scene, A highschool Party

Dude #1

"Damn those bitches iz FINEEEEEE"

Dude # 2

"Man fuck that shit, those girls or on that V-SQUAD nyigga
by Adam Zaka May 06, 2006
A group that promises to stay a virgin til they get married or meet that special someone then when they do the group decides if that is really the special person V-SQAUD then if they do have sex with then then they can come back as a SECONDARY V but if they do it again then they are permantly kicked out
guy-"Are you a virgin"
girl-"Yup proud to sponsor V-SQUAD"
guy-"Im a virgin too can i join"
by Keko May 24, 2005
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