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A term to describe the average Volleyball player when such a person is not playing. Clothing can consist of board shorts, tank-tops, flat brim hats, sunglasses, Nike sandals, high white socks, and some sort of backpack. Similar to "Lax Bro" but with a different sport, and clothing. Behavior can consist of drinking Vitamin Water, or Holding a Volleyball (just in case the opportunity comes up to play some Volleyball). A V- bro can also be seen passing his Volleyball back and forth with another V-bro, or a group of players.
Those guys are such V-bros they can't stop playing Volleyball.

Dude, Flat brim? Sunglasses? High Socks? You look like such a V-Bro.
by FportVolleyballanumber5 August 09, 2010
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