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The frightening dramatic TV logo used by Viacom in the 70's and 80's.
I'm scared of the V of Doom
by V of Doom Fearer December 19, 2003
165 47
1. A logo wheras on a light lavender background, the words "A Viacom Presentation" shoot out in white. Then a fancy-cut abstract navy-blue V zooms in without stopping until the logo ends, where it's halfway there. The music is a synthesized 5-note tune with a timpani drum roll.

2. Another version of the same logo, except that the background is a perfect lavender and the words are in bold text and shoot out fast as the now-dark greenish-yellow V zooms in to fill the screen. Music is the same.

3. A variation on a green background where a black V and "Viacom" zoom in at the same time. Music is the same.
The "V of Doom" is a very scary logo.
by Daniel DeCosta January 03, 2004
313 126