Unethical Wrestling Entertainment. A Wrestling organization developed by Erik Dejesus, Luis Pujols and Tony (dont meber his last name). Based in Washington Heightz, New York.
Guy: So who do u work for?
Erik: For the U.W.E
Guy: Awsome
Erik:...Ur still gay
by Erik DeJesus April 09, 2005
Top Definition
Common British abbreviation: Undoubtedly well endowed. Mostly used when adverting to the size of human male primary sexual characteristics.
Two girls watching the gymnastics world cup. "Wow, see this guy in his tights over there? He's so Uwe." "Yeah, totally!"
by Jeff Clever February 05, 2010
pl. U·wes

1. A person who is so incredibly inept at his or her craft, but blindly and madly continues to produce, despite the pleas of many around him. Defying all odds and logic, often a Uwe will surround him or herself with incredible talent and funding.

2. A situation describing a person of that inclincation. (ie. pulling a Uwe)

Origins: Middle English, from Old English (Uwe Boll - the horrendously untalented hack German film director) See uwe- in Indo-European Roots.]
Person #1: Oh God, is your sister still making those awful homemade denim platform shoes with the tassels and beads and sequins?

Person #2: Yeah, all her friends keep telling her to stop making the shoes because they're so ugly but somehow she gets money from it.

Person #1: Wow, she's totally pulling a Uwe.
by antiboy August 03, 2005
The nemesis to Bristol University Rowing club.
Jim: "What happened today Bob... we got our arses kicked!!??"

Bob: "We were UWE'd Jim... properly UWE'd."
by Lovin' it April 06, 2004
the last man alive

By the way, pronounciation is Ooh-Vuh
"It sure is quiet 'round here. I guess that I, Uwe, am the last man alive."
"No, you're not! Watch this!" says Jake as he smashes Uwe's head in.
"Now I am the last man alive!" says Jake!
BUt BAM Uwe is not really dead and dismembers Jake, eating him in little (pronounced with a British accent)) pieces.
"Miss Beautiful, you still remain! We shall be little critters together for ever, and it will be cute, yes?"

And is was so. So it goes.
by Miss Beautiful September 16, 2003
The Univercity of the West Of England. A top UK educational establishment in Bristol UK where Alan Mcdade first learnt the urban planning principles that gave rise to Mcdadeism.
The main UWE campus is at Filton in the North of Bristol.
by black flag June 25, 2004
1. to be unemployable. 2. to be a liability too yourself and other around. 3. to have an inhability to properly walk or socialise with others.
that new guy they employed to work on the edgebander is a real uwe.
That new guy just tripped up on a chicken bone twice, what an uwe.
He just walked and put his head in my soup, what a uwe.
by ge-buz January 27, 2011
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