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Utahoo is a local dialect which traces its long history of oddly pronounced vowels and rushed-together phrasing back to Utah's hardy pioneering stock.
Due to the influx of outsiders into the populous Wasatch Front (Ogden south to Payson, Utah), classic Utahoo speak is increasingly found only in small hamlets and farming villages.
Some popular examples of Utahoo:
"Skweet" or "Squeat": "Let's go eat!"
"Guppy scum" or the even more rushed "guppiscum"="Got a piece of gum?"
"ooferingernt (OO-fer-ig-nernt"="Ooh, for IGNORANT!" (essentially a Mormon equivalent to OH NO YOU DIDN'T!)
"Lard Jesus Christ", instead of "Lord". "American Fark" instead of "Fork". "BUTT-un" instead of "button".
"Hupper", not "Hooper".
by Moab Bomb March 21, 2009
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