A person who blindly follows the Corporate-run American Plutocracy and will fight for its preservation at the cost of the rest of his countrymen's wellbeing.
The Tea Party Member who supports cutting Medicare and Union Rights is a true useful idiot.
#moron #stupid #useful #idiot #teabagger #tea #party #koch #sucker #corporate #buttboy
by mrTimed April 28, 2011
A term Republicans use for poor people who vote for them even though the Republican party hates poor people.
Farmer John voted for George Bush even though Bush gave a tax cut to the agribusiness behemoth down the street from John. John could not compete with the corporate behemoth and declared bankruptcy. Now John is a serf for the corporate overlords. George Bush calls these people useful idiots.
#george w. bush #corporation #republican #fascist #evil
by The Corporate Avengers August 20, 2008
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