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1. Japanese name meaning "bunny child".
2. The online alias of a popular fan sprite artist for the game Ragnarok Online.
Her name is Usako because she was born in the year of the rabbit.
#japan #name #bunny #child #artist
by Usako November 29, 2007
6 Words related to Usako
1. n. A japa-hapa with the most focking cool comebacks that make you give up no matter what; this mostly applies to egotistical assholes and people who are insecure.

2. v. To bitch slap someone

3. adj. An unearthly, unreal place
1. Omg..THAt girl is SUCH a Usako! -.-
2. I'm so gonna to usako you..

3. Wow..this field is almost..usako..
by Amy February 10, 2004
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