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The most powerful Planeswalker on Dominaria before the end of the Phyrexian invasion. (Apocalypse was the last set of Magic: The Gathering cards before Wizards of the Coast started a new storyline.)

The Argavian calender starts with the date of Urza's birth.

Frequently refered to as 'Urza Planeswalker', he has had an effect on everyone in Dominaria's lives.

For more information.. Read the Magic: the Gathering novels, starting with the first of four books of the Artifact Cycle, "The Brothers' War"

"There were worse things than death, certainly, And so far, Urza Planeswalker seemed capable of them all."
by NobleArc February 25, 2004
Planeswalker from Dominaria, also from Magic: The Gathering card game. Not Ezra.
by UrzaMTG August 29, 2003
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