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The worst non-contagious, non-fatal skin disease a human being can acquire. Basically it is an allergic reaction. Most of the time it is unknown what causes the hives to appear on the human body. Some say it is stress related, otherwise determining the source is nearly impossible. Hives are red, splotchy spots that appear on your body and they itch like a bitch. The worst case is that they can appear everywhere, I mean everywhere on the body. The worst place to get them is on the palms of your hands as it is very annoying, itchy and painful. After you think they are gone, the hives come back within months. Benadryl usually helps keep them at bay. What makes them worse is spicy food, shrooms, and sitting in hot tubs
teen: mom, dad I keep getting these rashes every day, and they won't stop

Dad: let me see

teen lifts shirt up, revealing a whole shitload of hives


an hour later at urgent care

doctor: son, you have urticaria, it is difficult to determine the cause and there is no cure for it. Take some Benadryl, it should help

after two weeks with Benadryl

teen: the hives are gone!

three months later

teen: CRAP! they are back again! time to get more Benadryl
#hives #urticaria #dermatitis #skin disease #dermatology
by MrNoodles April 02, 2010
A skin condition. Basically breaking out in hives. I guarantee no one looking at this website has heard this word before, so I'm happy to be the first.

Urticaria is a side effect of taking the drug, Adderall. You take adderall when you have ADHD, and one of my friends just so happens to ADHD.
Well, you just popped four Adderall, so there's an amazing chance you'll come down with some Urticaria.
#hives #adderall #breakouts #skin condition #itch
by the magikal leprechaun February 07, 2006
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