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The tingling sensation you get at the tip of the anus when peeing after holding it in for a long time, almost feeling like you ejaculated without fornicating.
Dude 1: Dude pull over, I have to pee.

Dude 2: Didn't you go before we left? Check in the back of the van to see if there's a bottle for you to pee in.

Dude 1: Nawh can't find it...ugh...I have to...go...NOWWWW!!!! UWWWWAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

*pees from the back seat all the way to the front seat windshield*

Dude 2: Dude WTF?! how did you do that?

Dude 1: I just had a uringasm and it felt great!

Dude 2: That was awesome, I'm really pissed off that you did that but still impressed!
by RinSu The Void December 17, 2011
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The shiver you get during or after urination.
"Dude, i was just pissing in the toilet and i had a total uringasm. So, i'm sorry but i accidentally pissed on your floor."
by Vic The Bitter March 10, 2014

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