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A twisted plan devised for ball parks, in which the custodian essentially saws a bathtub in two, drills it to the wall, and expects men to comfortably piss crammed side by side with no panels or anything.

Urinal troughs are generally very awkward and a good place to suddenly become self-aware.
Urinal troughs suck.
by Yavo November 11, 2003

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noun; a multi-man toilet, ideal for stadiums, schools, colleges, fraternity houses, and military installations, a place to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and do your business, gossip, talk sports, compare equipment, and pass jokes, a communal waste bucket for male urine which is approximately 96% water.
Mike used a urinal trough as a slip and slide!

Did you see the size of that thing at the urinal trough?

We took turns holding the beer at the urinal trough.
by sweeteleven57 January 28, 2009