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One of the norns in Norse Mythology, kinda like the fates. She is one of three sisters and her domain is the past.
She is also a character in the japanese manga, Ah(Oh) My Goddess! by Kosuke Fujishama. She is the finest of all the goddesses living in Keiichi's house
Urd is the self proclaimed goddess of love. She's hella damm fine
by Troubador May 10, 2004
An exclamation of general agreement.
To hear and agree with a statement.

Please Note...
Can be creatively embellished upon to emphasise your level of agreement.
For example;

Urdington Burtsworth-Upon-Thames :|

(Not to be performed by beginners.)
Izit? URD! :|
by Dobbz November 17, 2003
URD is an ancient term which can be used to describe many things.

URD can ulso be used as a battle cry. Before running into combat, it is traditional for some cultures to run in screaming "URD!!!!!!!!" before fighting their enemy in close quarters combat.

URD is also a typo of 'yes' but that is irrelevant...
For example, you can URD someone in the face by inserting a pigeon's right foot into their nostrils.
by Extarian May 01, 2007
short for "turd"
Girl: Hey I just won Words with Friends by playing urd!
Guy: You know that's short for turd right?
by Bobby149 January 26, 2013
that cool guy richard
man..urd is the coolest!!!
by WEEZEL February 14, 2003
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