when someone from a small town needs to get to the city/urban area to get their 'fix' of shopping, restaurants, sporting events, culture
I feel the need to get 'urbanized'....Trader Joes/ Ikea/ Homegoods/ Urban Outfitters/ Anthropologie/ Twins/ Vikings/....one little problem...the checkbook is shouting "No" at me! : (
by not-too-shabby-chic-diva September 14, 2010
Top Definition
A word that has been urbanized, is basically any word used with or attached to any of the following:
The word fucktard is an urbanized word.
by SPaige August 06, 2007
Dubbed with urban, street, or hood-like characteristics;

but that doesnt mean it is hood or street - has nothing to do with thuggin it or keepin it 'gangsta'

It a style, swagger, way of life that represents the urban nation;

i DANG, that her swagger is hot; you know she's been urbanized! /i
www.urbanized.net or www.emptees.com
by urbanized-designz December 25, 2007
Urbanized is the effect that takes place when during an argument you cleverly use slang from Urban Dictionary to shut the other person down and make their proper and nerdy sounding argument look bland boring and stupid in comparison to the verbal bitch slap you just delivered to them via Urban Dictionaries superior body of language
You should have seen the look on mikes face yesterday at work when he was trying to enplane why he was late for work only to be shocked when the boss urbanized his ass in about 15 seconds flat. Mike apparently did not realize the boss has internet and knows how to find the Urban Dictionary.
by saharadryhumor January 10, 2015
going from a suburban area to a urban area
Mike: "That nigga over there lives in the suburbs"

Dan: "Nah, he got urbanized last nite"
by CavZzZ March 02, 2006
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