going from a suburban area to a urban area
Mike: "That nigga over there lives in the suburbs"

Dan: "Nah, he got urbanized last nite"
by CavZzZ March 02, 2006
A word that has been urbanized, is basically any word used with or attached to any of the following:
The word fucktard is an urbanized word.
by SPaige August 06, 2007
Dubbed with urban, street, or hood-like characteristics;

but that doesnt mean it is hood or street - has nothing to do with thuggin it or keepin it 'gangsta'

It a style, swagger, way of life that represents the urban nation;

i DANG, that her swagger is hot; you know she's been urbanized! /i
www.urbanized.net or www.emptees.com
by urbanized-designz December 25, 2007
when someone from a small town needs to get to the city/urban area to get their 'fix' of shopping, restaurants, sporting events, culture
I feel the need to get 'urbanized'....Trader Joes/ Ikea/ Homegoods/ Urban Outfitters/ Anthropologie/ Twins/ Vikings/....one little problem...the checkbook is shouting "No" at me! : (
by not-too-shabby-chic-diva September 14, 2010
accepted by Urban Dictionary, etyomologized, created
Randy's one wish is to be urbanized.
by oca and ipo February 22, 2007

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