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Urbanize : one can urbanize himself inorder to understand slang words,this directly refer's to Urban Dictionary.
Jane:look Arnold, i don't understand a word you say.

Arnold:cause you have not Urbanized you'rself yet.
by Kamran Avarzamani September 22, 2009
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To introduce someone to or provide a link to Urban Dictionary.
I'm going to urbanize mother.
by Cabji November 13, 2005
To search for a word on
Joe - hey whats cracka lackin?
Me - um whats that meen? wait let me urbanize it
by Adrec August 23, 2008
to put a word in
Upon realizing that that tittage was a very good word, Alex was fast to urbanize it.
by Brian August 20, 2003
To self-destructively revise or rewrite one's own writing to the point of ruining the original work.
The writer wrote a pretty decent screenplay but then he decided to dumb it down and urbanize it.
by 126Street August 29, 2011

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