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A form or hubris manifesting on Urban Dictionary, in which people write down the names of “friends” (themselves) and describe a singular person, flagrantly ignoring Urban Dictionary rules and guidelines.

If the subject is male, a mention of the measure of his penis is not out of the question. If female, expect the description “pretty" and "nice."
Urban Dictionary Arrogance is widespread, with about 40% of entries reviewed by editors being UDA or UDTT.
Current examples are Kevin, Sam, Jill, etc.

The converse is Urban Dictionary Trash-Talking.
PlutoRoman: (reading) Avery-
Absolutely amazing, & perfect in every way. Has huge dick.
"Wow, he is really Avery. You are lucky to have him as a boyfriend."

PlutoRoman: (clicks "Don't Publish" button)

PlutoRoman: More urban dictionary arrogance.
by PlutoRoman June 13, 2010
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