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When someone is addicted to adding words/definitions to Urban Dictionary. A site where you can create you're own definition for things.
I've got urban dictionary addiction, gotta add some more words!
by Midna! July 20, 2009
A condition in which you can't stop thinking of words to search for on Urban Dictionary. You close out of the browser thinking you're done, then think of a new word to define and come back. It also causes you to bookmark to site for easy access and constantly return to see if there's a new word of the day.
*goes to to look up ninja*

Person: Man, I bet it's some crazy sex position or something.

*finds definition*

Person: LOL

*closes browser*

Person: Okay I'm done. WAIT. I need to find out the urban dictionary definition *insert random word here* !!!!

*opens browser*

*4 hours later*

Person: OK, NOW I'm done. WAIT!

*Person's friend walks in*

Friend: Damn bro you have Urban Dictionary Addiction!
by Crispies February 14, 2011
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