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A shorter way to refer to Urban Dictionary
Urban D is one of the best websites around!
And the editors there are all awesome people!
by Namahagetecno June 21, 2008
U: You
R: Are
B: Being
A: A
N: Nitbitch
D: Dufus
Maurice- "Yo, you realize how insecure (and jealous) you sound when you come over here and rant about what an ugly, whore, bitch, queer your ex/friend is?"
Dickson- "No."
Maurice- "URBAN-D, dawg! Get a life!"
by keep'n it real January 17, 2013
A cookie-cutter modern rock band with mid-tempo hit songs punctuated by heavy guitars and a disgruntled guy upfront wailing about something or another in a deep, moaning vocal style.
guy 1: "Have you heard the new Nickelback?"
guy 2: "Yeah sounds like the same ur band crap they point out on the last album. All those bands should just combine into one big 'Puddle of Nickel Creed' and go jump off of a cliff together."
by derekstellar February 07, 2005
When a person submits a word on Urban Dictionary about a person, can be in a positive or negative way.
Kyle : Anyone named Kyle is GAY! Lololol

Johnna : The most beautiful girl ever to have lived. She is sweet, charming and absolutely gorgeous.

These are both examples of things a 10 year old minecraft addict would say or some guy would submit about his girlfriend, which are completely irrelevant.

Dude I searched my name on Urban Dictionary and I got Urban'd!
by ZLVB October 20, 2011
The act of looking something up on Urban Dictionary.
Nate: You're my N4L.
Sara: What?
Nate: Nigga 4 Lyfe.
Sara: Oooh yeah, I just urban'd it.
by omfgjohnpauljones November 28, 2008
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