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Online MMORPG trading card game that supposedly has reached 9 million players last week (we divide by two because let's say the average person has at least 1 alt account, then there's those who have like 3 so, that goes to 3 million, then there's those people that start that game all over again like 5 times so 2.6 millionish...).

It's like gamfaqs but at the same time you can be playing a game. Oh and no lionheart to pwn the mods (at least not yet, which is sad because they deserve it).

It's basically owned by the french so if you want a good start in the game, you better claim you're french, learn french, join french guilds and beg in said french guilds to get you some good cards.

You have to purchase credits only once to unlock infinite (or however many you have) sales in the market, and have your stars shown.
Urban Rivals is a trading card game with interesting people on it. is the link to it
by Raw Doggy May 26, 2010
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