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a popular myth/culture/pastime/extreme sport (if done at high altitude), pioneered by myself and one d. loxham. the game consists of two players entering the name of a popular urban personality eg dr. pimp into google image search, thanks to the random and frankly spastic like hand gestures of said urban personalities, it is more than likely that one of the resulting images will contain a gesture resemling one of those in the 'popular' game rock, paper, scissors. the results are then shown and the loser is pronounced 'wack' or something.
dr. pimp fan 1: 'yo, homes, lets go play some urban RPS!'
dr. pimp fan 2: 'hell yeah, mofo, fo' shit'
dr. pimp fan 1's mum: 'ther'll be no urban rps-ing for you Montimor, its time you ought to be at chess club!'
dr. pimp fan 1: 'sorry mother!'
by Geo Scott October 05, 2005
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