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universal term used to represent rappers, particularly those of the 'gangsta' (read as 'crap') variety. Usuallly used in instances where the actual name of the 'artist' is unknown.
dr. pimp fan 1: 'yo, homes, turn up that mofo tim westwood, 50 cents is on, bitch!'
dr. pimp fan 2: 'word, that's tha mofo shizzle, bitch'
dr. pimp fan 1's mum: 'Montimor! turn off that dr. pimp!!! its awfully crude!'
dr. pimp fan 1: 'sorry mummy!'
by geo scott October 08, 2005
1. The drink you get from mixing Dr. Pepper and whiskey especially Jack Daniels.
2. Anything as awsome as the drink deskribed above.
1. I had some Dr. PIMP it was Dr. Pimp.
by DRPIMP April 06, 2010
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