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Words that are made up and added to Urban Dictionary yet have no real meaning or are just pieces of other words such as words beginning with a single vowels such as U or R or a combination of U R.
Yp man, Urban Dictionary has no real credibility since it accepts any Urban Fictionary.
by Roid Ranger December 28, 2007
The act of thinking one knows the definition of a word, untill he or she looks it up on urban dictionary.
John thought lol meant lots of love only to pull an urban fictionary and discover the true definition.
by PATHAGARUS!!!! April 21, 2010
Words which are never used in daily life, but created for the sake of getting on the front page of Urban Dictionary.
EG : Liptease? I've never, ever used that piece of urbanfictionary.
by Critical_Design September 16, 2008
Synonymous with Urban Myth or Legend: A widely circulated story, often believed to be true by the teller, but usually distorted, exaggerated or fabricated for sensational effect, and often having elements of humour or horror. Wiktionary
He: "Whoa...check out this YouTube video of Lady Gaga at Glastonbury showing a little 'something extra' peeking out from under her miniskirt during her performance. She's even 'fessed up that it was just a little bit of her penis because she is a medically certified hermaphrodite."

She: Well she's definitely not a man. Come on, not only is it clearly absolute bollocks, but also it definitely sounds like a classic beat up of urban fictionary.
by Brohica September 27, 2009
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