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4 definitions by Brohica

"In Sutures" Humor that is so convulsively, side-splittingly hilarious, that you crack up and fall apart from laughing so hard, and metaphorically speaking, you require remedial surgery.

The hyperbole of being "in stitches".
Jen: That stand up gig was an absolute crack-up.

Ange: Yeh...I'm in sutures 'cos I split my sides from laughing so much.
by Brohica July 27, 2010
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Rhyming slang for flatulence that is so reekingly toxic it hits the victims olfactory senses with such devastating effect that, visually it resembles a reaction similar to acute food poisoning.
Kelly: "Crystal what's up with your boyfriend, he looks as though he just ate something real bad?"

Crystal: "Nah...he'll live...in fact it was me that ate something bad earlier on. I kinda involuntarily released a poison dart - he's just suffering the ill effects, ha ha."
by Brohica September 27, 2009
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one who stubbornly adheres to an attitude of sexualabstinence esp. intercourse.
Sharlene: "...aw come-on babe you know we're both aching for it, it's been like forever since we both made like the beast with one hump".

Shane: "I'm sorry honey but you know I've made a vow of abstinence, so please respect my vows and just be patient and when the time is right...blah blah..."

Sharlene: "Yeah whatever, sounds more like a vow of obstinance..."
by Brohica October 02, 2009
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Synonymous with Urban Myth or Legend: A widely circulated story, often believed to be true by the teller, but usually distorted, exaggerated or fabricated for sensational effect, and often having elements of humour or horror. Wiktionary
He: "Whoa...check out this YouTube video of Lady Gaga at Glastonbury showing a little 'something extra' peeking out from under her miniskirt during her performance. She's even 'fessed up that it was just a little bit of her penis because she is a medically certified hermaphrodite."

She: Well she's definitely not a man. Come on, not only is it clearly absolute bollocks, but also it definitely sounds like a classic beat up of urban fictionary.
by Brohica September 27, 2009
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