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(noun) - A person who attempts to add a word to urban dictionary that will obviously not get published. Common Urban Dictionary Retards post their own names with definitions of how great they are, or someone elses name with definitions of how "gay" they are. Other posts by Urban Dictionary Retards are complete nonsense, sexually violent, or just plain awful.
The editors of Urban Dictionary probably get really sick of Urban Dictionary Retards posting their own fucking names all the time.
by K1LLFACE September 10, 2010
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some one who makes random words up, bums off them and posts them on urban dictionary filling it up with bullshit making them selves feel special
Guy 1:dude imagine some one reaching into ones asshole and plucks a particularily greasy shit as one would a pearl from an oyster

Guy 2: dude you should post that up on Urban dictionary
beacause everyone uses that term

unretarded guy 3: you are Urban dictionary retard`s
by eggsandbeans June 30, 2009
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someone who actually believes everything that they read on Urban Dictionary as the spoken word - as in their name being defined as a great, fabulous person everyone loves...
Rebecca read thather name means the prettiest girl in the world on Urban Dictionary. This is, in fact not true, cementing the fact that she is an UrbanDictionaryRetard
by smash0629 February 03, 2010
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