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3 definitions by K1LLFACE

(noun) - A person who attempts to add a word to urban dictionary that will obviously not get published. Common Urban Dictionary Retards post their own names with definitions of how great they are, or someone elses name with definitions of how "gay" they are. Other posts by Urban Dictionary Retards are complete nonsense, sexually violent, or just plain awful.
The editors of Urban Dictionary probably get really sick of Urban Dictionary Retards posting their own fucking names all the time.
by K1LLFACE September 10, 2010
Being beaten up by a bouncer outside of a strip club for either inappropriate touching or not paying for a private dance because you were too drunk to realize you didn't have enough money beforehand.
I was $7 short on the lap dance so the bitch called over to the bouncer and I got strip clubbed
by K1LLFACE September 08, 2010
Anatomical term referring to the close proximity of a larger woman's belly and pussy, also known as vagelly, pussgut, BBVag, etc.
Man, I was so wasted last night I ended up face deep in a giant bussy.
by K1LLFACE September 08, 2010