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A psychiatric disorder where every goddamn word has to mean something related to sex. As in, you ask someone with Urban Dictionary Disorder what a certain word is, and they're going to tell you it's some sexual move or position.

See: annoying as hell
Person 1: Which street do I turn on once I pass the stop sign?

Urban Dictionary Disorder Sufferer: Uhuhuhuuh that's what she said!

Person1: I'm just looking for directions to the cofee shop parlor.

UDD Sufferer: HAHAHAH that's what HE said!

Person1: Why is that sexual? Why is every damn thing have to mean something obscene these days? What the hell is it with people?

UDD Sufferer: HAHAHHAHAA that's what SHE said!! LULZ
by IsHeInsane June 16, 2009
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