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Someone who spends hours searching for hilarious and intelligent slang words and posting it on their facebook status in a attempt to make themselves look cool and original when in fact, they just look like a try hard
Chris "Hey, did you see Yasmeen's FB status about the state of the financial situation in Kazakhstan? That was hilarious!"
Ninya "Pfft, I read that on Urban Dictionary already. She's a Urban Dictionary addict whose only friends are houseplants. I've seen her talking to them"
by LeRoux May 20, 2010
One who does not understand that if they spend hours and hours on urban dictionary than they will be a 40 year old virgin. Even though he will know every sexual slang word that's on urban dictionary cause he was feeling horny a few times that he went on urban dictionary
an Urban Dictionary Addict cornered me in the hall and demanded I remove the entry I entered on Urban Dictionary about him.
by Silence Doughgod March 16, 2010

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