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A characteristic of Hip Hop Culture or representation of life in the city. Something or someone that defines Urban Life.
In hip hop culture, a bboy cypher during the breaks is an example of urban defined.
by KnowYourHipHopRoots June 07, 2009
When one finds the best revenge on another to be giving them a definition on Urban Dictionary. This definition usually describes them as a "fucking douche" or "skanky hoebag", and rarely actually gets published.
Dude, I Urban Defined Emily the other day and it made it through! It was like this:
Emily (n.): Emily is a slutty whore who likes to steal girls' boyfriends and kick babies in the shins. She also sucks at WoW, but tries to act all l33t.
by Jennnnifer M August 11, 2008
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