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1. One who blends in with his urban environment - i.e. a friend who you cannot find in a crowd

2. A person who enjoys going to other parts of the world and pretending to be a native (see slumming)
1. Man, I cannot find Bob. He must be an urban chameleon.

2. I am so bored. Let's try to be urban chameleons today.
by Urban Chameleon January 01, 2009
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One who understands how and when to seamlessly transition from one kind of social and or professional environment to another.
She is an Urban Chameleon as one day she was skiing on the alps of Switzerland and the next day she was upside down dancing in the West Indian Labor Day Parade.

Kenny uses being an Urban Chameleon to his advantage as he articulates himself in standard American English at work to be taken seriously but when he is hanging out with his friends he speaks in a more relaxed tongue.
by Tickles.Tv May 28, 2009
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