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Adj; referring to the quality of an event, situation or circumstances.
A non-specific descriptive word that can can be applied in a positive or negative fashion.
Hey, Dawg, your new ride is upadocious.
The new ride could be exceptionally nice or incedibley sad.)
Their new CD was upadocious.
(The new CD was either a great listen or it sounded like a room full of shrieking geese.)
That new club is upadocious.
(The new club is an incredible or the new club blows lunch.)
It was the upadocious the way that upadocious girl treated you.
(That really ugly girl treated you very nicely, or that really pretty girl treated you really poorly. Or that really ugly girl treated you very nicely,or that really beautiful girl treated you really good.)

by dcrews March 02, 2006
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