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This word doesn't actually exist.

Someone who couldn't understand "cool as the unthawed" wrote "Unthar" and retards mistook it as a word because they're idiots and would rather take someone else's word over theirs - literally.
Idiot: Yo, you know that sick line by Lupe Fiasco in "Touch The Sky" with Kanye that goes:
"Engarde, Touch© Lupe cool as the Unthar,
But I still feel as possessed as a gun charge"
that's probably one of my most favorite lines EVER!!!!!1

Someone Who Isn't An Idiot: Yea.. you do realize that if you actually listened to the song he says, "unthawed" right?
by ICanRead456 October 28, 2009
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Something cool? Unknown true meaning.
"Lupe cool as the Unthar"
Lyric in Kanye West's "Touch The Sky"
by jkipe April 30, 2009

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