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The name of an Indian girl, who is usually thin, has curly hair and weird teeth. Unnatis are often known for crazy talk, and their unexplained obsession with dinosaurs. They usually support teams like Arsenal in the European football Leagues, even though they have no chance of winning.
OMG! you like the dino park?? You must be an Unnati.
by SharkytheShrink May 15, 2011
The awesome girl who has a crazzy love fr the color pink. Who is really vindictive so DO NOT mess with Unnati's!!!!
She does crazy talk, likes basketball and HATES doing homework!!! Unnati's LOVE money $$$.... They ADORE chocolate!! When walking past a chocolate shop they always stop and point at it! Isn't that awesome ???
They love withe and glassy houses so daddy watch out!! Unnati's can be really modest and hey love sleeping (zzz...).
They CANNOT be woken up by alarms, so daddy and mommy have a hard time waking Unnati's up!!! :D
They love Panda bears!!!
Unnati's are much, much, much more than this!!!
You love pink and panda bears together you are SO an Unnati!!!
by PinkLover!!! December 01, 2012
Unnati is a Hindi word which literally means progress / development / advancement.
It is also a Hindu name for girls.
Better education and healthcare at the grass root level are essential for India's Unnati.
by sugar_spice77 December 17, 2015
Typical DB and ugly personality. All around useless human being.
(1) a worse than worthless object or person(unnati); an object or person that holds no value or redeeming qualities whatsoever

(2) a stupid, low-life, self-righteous human being who makes life a living hell for themselves and others
by the30606706 January 07, 2014
A fundamentally desperate girl who likes her complicated,rather messed up life.She tries to come across as an alcoholic though she gets drunk on a couple of beers.She does not know the difference between right and wrong and is dumber than a foetus in the embryonic stage.She cant pass tests related to driving or math and has a Christmas tree figure.She has a fetish for weird people who come from the rear.She spends her days taking selfies.
"Oh,are you really drunk or are to trying to pull off an unnati?"
"I couldnt find christmas trees so I bought an unnati instead."
by slimjcash June 30, 2016
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