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A term used to describe the university of southern california, because most of its students are, well, spoiled children. Is used most commonly by students/supporters of UCLA, Notre Dame, and also people that God gifted with a brain.
Mike: So, did'ja hear about Brittney?
Jack: No surprise, she's going to the University of Spoiled Children. Daddy gave her implants for her graduation just to ready her for it.
by kev07 August 19, 2006
469 178
A nickname given to USC by jealous UCLA kids who couldn't afford USC.
My dad's movie bombed last year, so now University of Spoiled Children isn't an option.
by Mims22 September 07, 2007
133 244
An outdated and cliched nickname for USC, the University of Southern California.
USC was formerly known as the University of Spoiled Children, but has vastly improved over the past few decades and is now a top ranked and diverse university.
by Tommy Trojan January 04, 2007
125 249