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The best combination of world-class academics, diversity, partying, location (Washington's just a metro ride away), athletic teams and facilities, and school spirit in the country, all for a fraction of the price of Miami, Penn State, or Virginia Tech. There's literally something for everyone.
Miami's got good athletics but is expensive and has a stuck-up student body. Virginia Tech's got good academics but Blacksburg's a shitty little town. University of Maryland has it all.
by Daniel J. Ocean November 11, 2010
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An overrated college in the asshole of maryland that is college park. There is absolutely nothing to do outside of class, all the frats are full of douche bags and the sororities are full of dirty jerz girls...yuck. The school is filled with everyone that ever lived in new jersey and then asians. The girls are trashy and ugly, so prepare to wrap it twice. Housing is wayyy too overpriced considering the fact that your surrounded by angry black folk and mexicans that all look like they want to stab and/or bring harm to you. Highly suggest going somewhere else, for example Virginia Tech....I wish I could afford out of state tuition. The only decent thing about the school is the division 1 teams. But our football team blows and now that Jordan Williams has committed to the NBA draft, you can kiss the basketball team goodbye as well.
Student 1- "I don't know how I didn't get any kind of scholarship to University of Maryland, considering I'm one of the only white kids that is actually from Maryland."

Student 2- "(insert stupid remark in a jersey accent)"
by THH I hate this school April 01, 2011
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