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Arguably the number one party school on the east coast. Was originally listed as the number one party school on Playboy's top party school list. However, Playboy felt it was unfair to continuing ranking professionals with amatuers and removed URI from the list permanantly.
"We find that it is unfair to list professionals(University of Rhode Island) among amateurs." - Playboy Magazine
by Herr Schaef November 19, 2005
The state university for Rhode Island which is well-known for intoxicated students. This often makes normal students angry for being percieved as alcoholics because of their not-so-smart peers. Aside from the illegal use of alcohol/drugs the school is cheap in tuition, with division I sports, a bad football team (where pre-gamers scream "Rhody Rhody Rhody in spite of their inability to speak without slurring), great basketball team, and everything in between
I go to the University of Rhode Island...
Oh yeah?
...........hey man that kid goes to URI...I think he drinks wayyy to much
by tepmurt September 27, 2007
coolest school ever!! Were going Down the Line, Getting Wicked Cocked, we can go to Bonnet, smoke some Cloves, and just Party it Up like we do EVERYNIGHT!!!
If You Want To Have Fun, Come Here!
by D-Money December 08, 2004
Public university in Rhode Island, known for its pharmacy program. Essentially a backup school for 80% of Rhode Island high school kids. Filled to the brim with inner-city kids and white guys acting like inner-city kids. Barely manages to keep students on campus because they'd rather go to the beach/their friend's beach shacks and get wasted than risk getting wasted on campus. The "party school" label is something to administration wants to lose, but it'll never be taken away.
A: Man, University of Rhode Island parties suck.

B: Yeah, let's just go to Joey's place by the beach and pound a few.
by wtfboom May 28, 2010
URI is definately a party school! Besides all the on campus parties all week long, none of the bars in Rhode Island card, so there's always a place to party.
Looking for a party? Go to URI!
by jessi January 26, 2004
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