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The state university for Rhode Island which is well-known for intoxicated students. This often makes normal students angry for being percieved as alcoholics because of their not-so-smart peers. Aside from the illegal use of alcohol/drugs the school is cheap in tuition, with division I sports, a bad football team (where pre-gamers scream "Rhody Rhody Rhody in spite of their inability to speak without slurring), great basketball team, and everything in between
I go to the University of Rhode Island...
Oh yeah?
...........hey man that kid goes to URI...I think he drinks wayyy to much
by tepmurt September 27, 2007
A person who thinks they can play an instrument or sing, but proceeds to mangle/destroy the piece/song attempted.
The band singer is a music mangler.
by Tepmurt June 27, 2015
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