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An adult daycare in the north-east of Scotland oddly enough within the city of Aberdeen yet separate. An ad-hoc collection of buildings and properties from various centuries and architectural styles as needs/fancy demanded. The medical school is by necessity an acceptable provider of education and knowledge, the rest of the facilities cater to the shiftless bored offspring of parents with enough money to send their progeny off somewhere away to avoid the real world for a few more years. The staff are nice enough if not wholly interested in educating their charges, and the university prides itself on it's status in the realms of research due to it's mediocre provision of any actual teaching.

An 'ancient' university that lives off of the prestige it claims from just happening to have been around a good while, and attracts new fee payers via hawking it's post-medieval architecture which recalls a Harry Potter theme park in some passing manner.

Apply here if you're more interested in a vaguely known and moderately respected university name on your degree where the programme of study won't be very challenging but you'll have plenty of time to go out drinking and do other things with your time relatively stress-free.

See Robert Gordon's University for an Aberdeen based tertiary education that while not as glamorous, will be more challenging and practical.

Authored by a graduate of the University of Aberdeen.
"You know, I'm actually prepared for the real world just because the University of Aberdeen has made me so bored of the uni bubble world I can't wait to leave and do something else!"

"I hear you, once our tutor gave us 10 pages of material to read and someone in the group actually cried because they couldn't go straight to Qizmat before spending a whole afternoon at the Bobbin then off to Belmont street on a pub crawl."
by AU-grad April 22, 2013

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