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A quaint town in the outskirts of Tacoma, Washington. It is characterised as having nice new sidewalks, beaches, an apple orchard, and an egg.
University Place is home to the Curtis Vikings
Lets Head over to University Place and grab a bite at Green Firs.
by LNROSE December 22, 2008
University Place is a small town outside of Tacoma, Washington which hold the Chambers Bay Golf Course. Do not let it's size fool you for it is highly populated with the extremely rich, Asians, and old people. U.P (as it is known by most people) is home to the Curtis Vikings. Curtis is the high school most of Tacoma's expelled and troubled go, however the private school drop outs, and Lakewood "thugs" are also drawn to the overcrowded halls. The children of University place form very distinct cliques; Soccer Jocks, Rich Kids, Gated Community/Trust Fund "Gangsters", Laxers, Stoners, and the Anime Club kids. Automobiles that you may chance to see range from lexus to bmws, acuras to newer jettas. Brand names such as North Face, True Religion, and Ugg adorn most bodies, young and old. Face and Social status is a MUST in order to live here. From Chambers Creek to the Curran Apple Orchard, you can find late night pot heads. The one skate park is always packed on a sunny day as is green firs shopping center after school on week days. University Place is a must see on any snobs itinerary.
Oh, makes sense then. He's from University Place.
by ihatecurtis August 01, 2011
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