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A middle school in Cicero. 6,812 kids total.90% latinos and 5% white 5% mixed. and about 8 black kids. all The teachers are Laid back and Could care Less for A students Education. with 11 principals they still Can't keep the sluts from opening their legs and getting pregO and getting STD's. all The guys think they're the Shit, when In Reality they're all Bitches hiding in The closet. 315 security guards yet there's Still about 10 fights daily And kids getting Stoned ass Fuck in the Bathrooms.
"that Bitch got laid and then Today came out Of the closet..."-person 1
"wow. did you see her big ass belly today? her water broke in our class. in room 318"-at Unity Jr High
by bikeetellywarrior774 November 25, 2010
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