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Union City is a congested, gritty, industrial small city in North Jersey. It has a lot of New York City influence since it is just less than five minutes away from Manhattan. Union City is rather impoverished but it has always been a destination for immigrants. It is the Little Havana of New Jersey, better the Hispanic capital of the state. The Hispanic population is very diversified with Cubans on the top. It features Bergenline Avenue, the chief commercial thoroughfare and a gateway to Latin America. UC is sometimes crime ridden but other than that it's ok.
Whenever I want Cuban cigars, authentic Cuban, Ecuadorian or Colombian food, or just want to chill in a cool town I just head up to Union City.

Viva Union City!
by Great_ August 26, 2005
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The most densely-populated city in the U.S., sandwiched-in between New York City and Jersey City. Once inhabited mainly by Cubans, it is now home to Latino immigrants from all countries. The only place you can have an authentic Cuban sandwich east of Miami.
Union City is the "Little Apple."

Niggas from Jersey City or Newark are afraid to go into Union City. It's that crazy.
by mantell August 11, 2006
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An industrial city in NE New Jersey. It is more like a small town with a mirrored image of New York City. It has the highest Hispanic percentage in the state with Cubans owning everything (supermarkets, restaurants, stores, etc.). It has more Cubans per square mile than Miami or even Havana. There are other Hispanics as well like the Dominicans, Salvadorans, and Ecuadorians but they are still the minority since they don't have much power or ownership. Most businesses (even Chinese restaurants) have signs in Spanish since many do not know English. The kids are mainly spiggas or hot Latinas though there are some rockers.
Ah, the smell of Cuban food, the not too frequent gangs, old men with guayabera shirts, an abundant supply of Materva, cigar factories, Spanish spoken everywhere, Celia Cruz Way, the skyline of Manhattan, Bergenline (pronounced Bergelain by locals) and the ghetto downtown...I love Union City.
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Probably One Of The Smallest Towns 3/4 Illegal Mexicans. Most Teenage Girls Are Pregnant Or Dating Adult Mexican. Beware Of Sexually Activity As Most Have STDs. Half People Do Not Speak English. Also Referred To As "Little Mexico"
Joe: Whats That Behind You?
Jill: We Must Be In Union City!
by fallenangelss November 25, 2011
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Mostly Dominicans and Puerto Ricans a lot of side street mexicans playing soccer. Major gang the latin kings and is known for its prostitutes and street hustlers
Dont go to Union City them niggaz is crazy
by Mark Cordero October 22, 2003
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