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Uniform Nazi(s).

1. Any Teacher/Group of Teachers that not only takes it upon themselves to enforce the school uniform Policy, but will actually walk up to you with no warning and fix your tie/tuck in your shirt/confiscate your jacket etc.

2. Any Teacher/Group of Teachers who are so serious about the school's uniform policy that they will give a student an on the spot detention or something similar for having a wonky tie/untucked shirt/pink bobble etc.
1. A: OMG can you believe what Ms. A just did?
B: Why, what did she do?
C: She just walked over and pure tucked A's Shirt in!
B: No WAY!
A: She did!
C: She is SUCH a Uniform Nazi.

2. A: OMG Ms. B just put me on report*!
B: OMG Why?
A: She saw me in the Corridor and I didn't have my shirt tucked in.
C: Really, that is so lame.
A: Seriously, look!
B: OMG that is so stupid.
A: She is SUCH a Uniform Nazi.

*Being on report - serious punishment in some high schools where a teacher has to sign a report card at the end of every lesson to say that whatever you are on report for has improved/worsened/stayed the same. If no improvement is shown over a certain length of time the student will be suspended/expelled.
by Elle Femme April 13, 2008
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A teacher who believes that a school's uniform policy is the Bible, and treats it this way. Offenders of the uniform are practically shot on site.
A: Hey, I'm wearing jeans when I shouldn't!
B: Don't get caught by Mr Teacher, he's a real uniform nazi!
by cubey4000_the next generation November 19, 2006

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