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Many people know of this unicorn queen. Also mentioned as shraya. The unicorn queen has said to be the ruler of all the unicorn for more than times beginning. She has said to be a teen with great intelligence and honor. Till this day she lives.
Girl:"Have you heard of the unicorn queen?"
Boy:"Yah, she's pretty cool"
by GlitterFarter2008 August 13, 2008
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a way to describe the style of clothing, accessories, desserts, or home decor that features neon or pastel colors, ruffles and lace, sparkles, or anything else that looks like Doe Deere (the owner of Lime Crime Cosmetics) would buy it.
"Oh my goodness! Look at that cute dress! It's so Unicorn Queen!"

"This pink marshmallow frostimg I am making is going to be so unicorm queen."
by smallhill August 15, 2011

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