A large assortment, about twenty or more of colorful gumballs all fused together through chewing, creating a colorful, gooey, juicy mess.
Having too large of an amount of Unicorn Poop can cause you to choke from its juicyness, size, and amazing rainbow colorness.


"Ghlkjae-amah" Andrew mumbled. "What did he say?" asked Sam. "Oh, I don't know, he's obviously choking on unicorn poop." Kenny replied.
by Riotfish October 12, 2010
The obnoxiously cheerful and candy-coated updates friends post to social networks - all the time. Some use their unicorn poop to make you feel worse about a situation you previously posted by rubbing it in that they NEVER have any problems.
When you have relationship problems, they post Unicorn Poop: "I have the bestest boyfriend in the whole wide world :D He could never do anything wrong because he is so perfect! Nobody else could ever be as happy as me!!!"

Right after your car breaks down, they post Unicorn Poop: "I am SO loving my reliable new car!!! Thanks mom & dad for loving me enough to buy it for me!"

"I'm so irritated, every time I get on Facebook, the feed is covered in Unicorn Poop!"
by SilverScorpion November 09, 2011
a complete babe
bree is unicorn poop
by kpassenile April 08, 2014

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