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1. (Noun), a website devoted to online fails, such as facebook statuses, cleverbot conversations, and google searches. Part of the Spartz Network.

2. (Verb) A fail that makes you wonder why you are friends with the perpetrator.
1. Yahoo Question: What song goes do do do dum do dum dee dee dum?
Answer: Please tell me you're joking...I'm putting this on unfriendable...

2. Todd: When does the noon shift start at work?
Dan: That's unfriendable, dude. Completely unfriendable.
by SuzeSimon August 13, 2011
Referring to that one guy who sits in the cornor of you room, peeling off the skin of a republican, streaked with the stench of semen and chanting all of Nicholas Cages bad movies, in which you would eventually unfriend him on every social media ever.
"Jesus christ! Jimmy is such an unfriendable guy! He killed my goldfish one time."
by OG Ecko May 07, 2015
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