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when a person pubic hair is so bushy it resembles an afro
i was eating out my girlfriend and i got pieces of her under fro in my teeth.
by bush_master_flex October 27, 2010
21 30
pubic hair thats gotten out of control. typically thick enough to smuggle drugs over the border undetected
Last night Amanda was sitting on the picnic table w/ her legs open. her underfro was practically hanging out of her shorts !
by bobby spilner February 07, 2009
10 1
The naturally textured new growth near the scalp in women who have chemically relaxed hair, braids, or extensions. Usually only relevant for African-American women.
"Girl, I have got to go get a relaxer. It's been eight weeks and my underfro is out of control!"
by Tiffanye March 27, 2007
1 3