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Definition - A term used to describe someone with a lot of money or when someone spends large amounts of money. Uncle Money Pockets can be used for a person of either gender.

Origin -The term Uncle Money Pockets comes from the rich old man in Monopoly with the sweet mustache, top hat and pimp cane named Uncle Pennybags.

Alternate Uses - Uncle Money Pockets can be adjusted to fit the age and status of the person (see below examples)
1. Guy 1 - "My brother just got promoted and bought a porsche.
Guy 2 - "Damn he sounds like Uncle Money Pockets"

2. 12 year old girl - "I saved $100 off my $10/weekly allowance, I feel like such an Uncle Money Pockets."

3. Guy - "Bill Gates makes so much money, he's Uncle Money Pockets"

4. Homeless Guy 1 - "I just spent $50 on crack!"
Homeless Guy 2 - " Look at this Uncle Money Pockets!"
Homeless Guy 3 - "*shank*"
by the real uncle money pockets April 29, 2010
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